Sooner or later every every student of yoga dreams of seeing India, of practicing with gurus and following their yoga practice back to its roots deep in the fabric of India. But India is not an easy place to visit. Distance, language, culture, crowds and countless other differences can make traveling to India intimidating. And bringing your students is even harder as taking care of all the arrangements and the multitude of details can leave little time to just be in the moment and experience the wonder of India.

That's why we created the Yoga Travel Alliance - to help you experience India as few get the opportunity to. The trips we are showing on this site are all proven adventures that we have been taking people on for over 5 years. Each will create memories that will last a lifetime and truly be transformative experiences. Each trip is accompanied by an experienced guide. From the time you land in India to the time you depart we will be with you every step to handle everything you need and leave you free to experience incredible, amazing India.

We are life-long yogis,  yoga teachers and travel professionals who can organize an Indian "trip of a lifetime" for you. 

Rishikesh - Home of Yoga

March 17 thru April 1, 2018

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2018 Dates:
Rishikesh - Home of Yoga

March 17 thru April 1, 2018

Himalayan Adventure
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Take the next step on your Yoga journey and explore the roots of yoga in the real, incredible India.