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About Us

Soni was born and raised in Fiji where she grew up practicing yoga and ayurveda. After marrying a poor peace corps volunteer (David) she moved to the US, eventually becoming a citizen. She also has traveled around the world and lived in multiple countries. Soni opened her first yoga studio in 2007 and her Ayurvedic clinic in 2012. 

David and Soni have been going to India multiple times a year since 2007 to explore, to study, and to share their love of this amazing place with yogis and yoginis from around the world. They now live and teach in Fort Myers, FL.

David grew up in Hong Kong and became a "travel addict" at an early age. He took his first solo trip (to India) when he was 16 and has visited more than 60 countries so far in his life. He has been a senior executive in airlines, hotel and tour operators for much of his career, so knows how to deliver amazing travel experiences. He began his Yoga study in 2000 and became a teacher in 2005, as yoga became central to his life.

It was a natural to combine his two passions and form a Yoga Travel company with Soni, the love of his life and wife of 37+ years