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Himalayan Pilgrimage

The Himalayas have always been been the "true north" of the spirit life in India. Of all the holy sites, none are more important that the "Char Dham", literally the 4 special places. All Indians dream of visiting these and it is said if you visit all 4 you will find samadhi or nirvana. These special places are :
  • Yamunotri - source of the sacred Yamuna river
  • Gangotri - source of the most holy of all rivers, the Gange
  • Kedarnath - Shiva temple by the transcendent Mandakini river (Not available in 2014 due to the devastating floods in 2013. We will take an alternative trek to replace this portion)
  • Badrinath - home of Vishnu and a pilgrimage destination for 1,000's of years
Trekking is involved in visiting 3 of the 4 sites as we walk 6 to 20km from the nearest road to reach the site. All of the trekking is above 10,000 feet which requires a very good level of physical and aerobic fitness, but does not require technical climbing skills. This is a physically challenging trip. We will follow the ancient trails surrounded by towering, snow-covered mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and wild animals (none that will eat us).

We'll sleep at simple but comfortable inns or in tents at basecamps high in the mountain valleys. The stars will blow your mind, spread like brilliant diamonds across the sky; bright enough to read by.

Truly this trip is one you will never forget and which will fill your dreams for years to come. Once seen, the Himalayas will call you back!

The cost of the trip is $2,600 which includes everything from when you land in Delhi until you leave India. Air fare is not included. Final payment is due 45 days before departure. No refunds on cancellations with 7 days of trip start.

Only one trip each year:
  • 2015 September 5th thru 27th 
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